Love Padlocks

State your love today,
permanently and verifiably

Love. Recognized worldwide. is an Ethereum-based smart contract that registers your relationship with the power of cryptography and public consensus, regardless of authorities’ permission.
Equality and Respect for All
The first solution that is completely independent of jurisdiction, sexuality, ethnicity, race, or religion.
Permanent and Immutable
Smart contract is deployed on a public, distributed ledger that cannot be tampered with or deleted.
Cutting-Edge Technology
Blockchain revolution is considered to be among the most impactful paradigm shifts of modernity.

How It Works

After receiving your data, we deploy a tailor-made smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain
Each partner uses a unique cryptographic signature to solidify their vow, an electronic “I do”, if you will
The deployed smart contract is publicly verifiable and can only be changed with the agreement of both sides (live example, example code)

What You Get

Apart from the smart contract itself, we create a personalized, socially shareable page on our website containing your unique, immutable blockchain address - a digital love padlock.
Smart contract example
Customized smart contract deployed on the Ethereum Mainnet. Cannot be removed; status only changeable by request from both partners - view demo.
Love padlock example
Individual page on our website with your smart contract details, a digital padlock of sorts - can be shared on social networks or kept private. View example.

Say “I do” the XXI way!

One-time payment
Register your union as a smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain - permanently, transparently, and verifiably. No governmental approval required.

Let’s Love, Let’s Care

We believe that not only people deserve love - that’s why we donate $5 from every order to Reserva Ecológica de Guapiaçu, a non-profit organization in the Brazilian state of Rio de Janeiro with the mission of preserving the unique and colourful birds of Atlantic rainforests.


What makes blockchain an ideal technology for this purpose?
The key advantage of a blockchain over any other tech that's been around before it - is that it allows verifying and storing information in a global, distributed network which cannot be subsumed or corrupted by any third party, be it a hacker or a government. Ethereum is the second-largest blockchain in the world, after Bitcoin, with the important additional feature of being able to program publicly verifiable, incorruptible smart contracts for any imaginable purpose. Think of it as a world-spanning, decentralized supercomputer operating on a constantly growing network of independent nodes. The Ethereum platform has been revolutionizing one industry after another since 2015, and is being actively adopted by such companies as Microsoft, IBM, and JPMorgan.
How can I verify that the smart contract has been deployed?
Don't take our word for it - you can check your contract on any independent Ethereum explorer like just paste your contract's unique address and you will be able to see your names and status, etched permanently on the blockchain.
Will the smart contract be visible in the search engines?
No, smart contracts on the Ethereum network and their contents are not indexable by Google or other search engines, and will therefore not appear in search results.
Can the contract be changed after it's been deployed?
The contract itself cannot ever be modified by third parties or removed from the Ethereum blockchain - however, with the explicit agreement of both parties that originated the smart contract, certain parameters, such as the marital status, can be modified for an additional fee.
Is the smart contract only for new marriages?
No, anyone's vows can be recorded on the blockchain at any time. This, by the way, makes it a great idea for a wedding anniversary grift or even a spontaneous gesture of re-stating your love towards your partner.
What forms of payment are accepted?
We accept all major payment methods, including Visa, Mastercard, PayPal - as well as the most popular cryptocurrencies: bitcoin, ether, and litecoin.
Is the service available in my country?
There are no territorial restrictions - any couple from any country can use the smart contract service to state their love, since the underlying Ethereum blockchain is a decentralized, people-driven, world-spanning network with no single authority governing over it.
We are an LGBT+ couple, and are prohibited by law to get married in our country; can we still use this smart contract?
Smart contracts by are completely independent from sexual orientation - in fact, one of our primary motivations for creating this service is to provide everyone, including LGBT+ couples, with equal opportunities for claiming their love and relationship status.
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